Artist Statement .

 All I have with which to perceive and/or interact with both the material and ethereal worlds, are the five senses. Following my birth eventually I encountered sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Through interaction in my brain linked with the senses, I am reasonably able to discern and interpret the world around me.  Now consider this statement: "There is always the possibility that anything could be false." It is a statement I firmly believe. If I am wandering in a desert for too long I may experience a mirage, seeing perhaps what may be an oasis of sorts. Does the oasis I am seeing exist? In this case no.  Now consider a person who for example, ingests a hallucongenic. Is what they are seeing real? Does it exist in the material world? Again, no.  If all I have to experience with are the five senses, and cases exist where the senses are false, how am I to absolutely know that what I am processing via the senses - is in fact real?

This is what I continually address with my work. I am merely interpreting reality through the creation and/or manipulation of varied objects. Often times while working on a piece, I will get "stuck in the middle" so to speak. I don't believe art is ever really finished. It is this middle place where I sometimes linger. 

A shadow world, based on the subconscious manifesting itself; through my work, via the five senses. Like many, I am simply trying to make some sense of this world. My reality is not yours; I may see a wooden chair and sit down on it - while a person who has never seen a chair perhaps deep in some jungle at some point, may see the same chair, as firewood.

Call it art or not, it is up to the viewer to interpret it as she/he wishes. There are no right or wrong answers. Individuality is precious, here is a little something I wrote when I was in love:

as diamonds we are, the sun shines upon us - and as each facet

brilliantly glows in its unique fashion; all the different parts,

pieces and spaces - when viewed as a whole - create an unspeakable

bliss. Yet each facet maintains its integrity in singularity as the

suns rays pass through, since none will ever look the same way twice

Thank You,

Jesse S.

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