Biography .

Jesse Shelton completed his undergraduate work at Utah State University (BS Art, BS Philosophy 2006). As a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Honors Program participant, he developed a tremendous appreciation for his freedom as an artist and as a citizen. For written and artistic expression of this gratitude, he received the Eccles-Jones Minority Scholarship.  Shelton actively participated in multiple exhibits while at USU. A highlight of Shelton’s experience was his opportunity to collaborate with acclaimed sculptor Richard Swanson. This culminated after Shelton lent his expertise to a unique project; Using primarily organic materials, Shelton, Swanson and others developed and created a large scale landscape design installation.  In Jesse’s words, his "chief philosophical beliefs are wrapped up in "sense-data". 

Much of his art and corresponding philosophical reflections stem from work conceived and realized throughout the U.S., including AZ, WA, NV, CA, NY, and OR. Though as an emerging artist, his work has been displayed through juried selection, and/or sold to private collectors chiefly in Utah.  Shelton attributes his achievements to his studies and application in art and philosophy. He particularly credits his former professors of philosophy at Utah State University for facilitating substantial academic, social, and emotional growth through cultivation of self-discovery resulting in  internalized, irrevocable, transformative learning. Believing firmly that the arts serve to fuel continual enrichment in both children and in adults, he is an active proponent for the advancement of the arts and is a proud member of Americans for the Arts. Shelton’s particular interest in the process of life-long learning drives his advocacy for the integration of the visual and performing arts in K-12 education.

He specifically cites the importance of arts education as it applies to the "conceptual economy", a term describing the correlation between creativity, innovation, "design thinking" and economic competitiveness, particularly in the global context. Shelton is pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree with a Nonprofit Management emphasis from DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management. He enjoys spending his time engaged in activities that involve creative problem solving, research, observation, originality, politics, art, and aesthetics, and is currently creating album art for local musicians in his hometown of Logan, Utah as well as working on his own electronic music project.



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