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Serious inquiries (purchase, trade, sell, collaboration, fundraising, etc.) and/or general questions, call (801) 214-8564 or fill out below and send. Alternatively, you may contact me via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter (bottom left). At present (2013-2016), I am exploring:

• abstraction

 enhanced portraits

 sustainability (smaller targeted pieces using recycled goods)

• video stills

• still picture projection

• principles of fate and chance

• custom pieces for the home

• electronic music making

• viable options for K-12 Arts Integration (advocacy)

During the course of organizing this website I realized it might be nice to collaborate once again. I am based primarily out of Northern Utah, and would seek to engage others with intent set on joint exhibition. I am in no rush for another show, as I have much to prepare and other duties beckon. However, my play book is open and I am happy to discuss ideas. I would be donating part of any proceeds to an American tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, or association related to arts integration with current 501(c)(3) status.

Thank You,

Jesse S.             
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